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Heart of God Church Global programmes are designed to inspire, train and equip church leaders to build Strong Churches all over the world.



Programmes designed with you in mind.



6–9 June 2020

For those who know their way around Instagram filters. You’re a leader of youth and young adult groups. You could even be a youth pastor. If your mission is to bring young people closer to God, this is for you.

Here, you’ll get to:

  • Experience the roar of thousands of young people in passionate worship during our weekend services.

  • Catch a glimpse of the unique Heart of God Church culture—there’s nothing like it!

  • Attend a life-changing Revival Night meeting where young people are unleashed into their destinies.

Before you get started:

  • You should be somewhere between 18 to 35 years old.

  • If you’re coming as a student group, we just need your youth pastor or an older leader to come along—he’s your golden ticket!

Fee: S$150 (Includes the cost of participating in weekend church services, Revival Night meeting, as well as the materials during the programme)


19–23 March 2020

HOGCx is designed for:

  • Decision makers: you set the church’s vision and values, look after its overall health, and delegate authority. You’re most likely a senior pastor or a part of the senior team or church board.

  • Influencers: you have the leadership, experience, network or resources to set things in motion or initiate collaborations. You may be a volunteer but you play a key role in progressing the church or organisation.

  • Implementers: you lead the implementation of the church strategy and have the autonomy to execute new ideas within departments and across ministries. You could be an executive/campus/youth pastor or of a similar function.

HOGCx is NOT a conference.This 5-day all-access intensive lets you:

  • Step behind the scenes and peek under the hood to learn how we build a Strong Church with young people.

  • Experience what a Heart of God Church service is like on a regular weekend.

  • Learn the systems and structures that enable youth and young adult revivals to go on.

  • Be inspired by the incredible stories and testimonies of our young people.

Each HOGCx is limited to 200 slots
One of the things we do at HOGCx is to attach people to different ministries and create opportunities for personal interactions. While we try our best to accommodate more participants (we are normally oversubscribed up to 400), participants benefit most from HOGCx when the intake is small and limited to those who have the ability and influence to effect significant change in their church. That’s why each HOGCx is capped at 200 participants who undergo a selection process.


15 October–10 November 2019
20 October–15 November 2020

For leaders and volunteers serving at a high capacity in church. You're not just looking for more exposure and experience—you've sensed God’s call and are committed to seeking His heart for young people, whatever it takes.

Here, 5-10 selected candidates will get to:

  • Immerse in our unique culture and church life for 4 weeks.

  • Jump right into the deep end of running our weekly services.

  • Sharpen your gifts and talents as you serve in different ministries.

  • Get up close with how we evangelise, build and disciple people.

  • Enjoy being part of Team hoGc!

Before you get started:

  • You should be somewhere between 21 to 35 years old.

  • Have you attended the Youth Leaders’ Exposure or HOGCx before? If not, try that as a start!

  • You’ll need a strong command of English. As an intern, you will communicate. A lot.

Fee: S$700


For pastors, leaders and church builders who desire to build a Strong Church and bring about youth and young adult revivals.

Launching as early as 2022!

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A little bit about us.


Heart of God Church started as a divine experiment to build a prototype Youth Church. Now it has developed into a proof of concept that Youths can build a STRONG CHURCH.

Heart of God Church was founded in 1999 by Senior Pastors Tan Seow How and Cecilia Chan. Our vision is to raise up a generation of people who will give God the best years of their lives.

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