Full-Time Position (1 Year Contract)
freelance position (Project-basis)

Stories are the LIFE of the church! Great storytellers in HOGC do not just draw people into the stories they tell, but are able to convey the essence, DNA & heart of God and the church.

Storytellers come alive around people! They are always curious about how God changes peoples' lives and find themselves digging deeper into the lives of others by asking lots & lots of questions!  Storytellers also have no problems blogging, doing Instagram captions to express their love and gratitude to their loved ones and re-describing interesting episodes in their week to those around them!

Of course, they also have a flare for language and find themselves constantly trying to put their emotions and thoughts into beautifully painted words.

You have:

  • Interviewing people from all walks of life
  • Spending hours leaned over your laptop excitedly editing stories of life-change
  • Re-editing your drafts time and again to make it the best it can be for God and for others to be impacted
  • Constantly asking yourself ‘what is the punch of this story?’ & trying to convey that in your writing
  • Ultimately, you’ll be producing the stories you hear on stage/in CGs/in meetings week-in & week-out


  • Strong command of the English Language / no issues with grammar
  • Has a good range of vocab
  • Strong communication skills (both verbally and on paper)
  • High mental and emotional capacity; can feel for people
  • Can work with deadlines, and not afraid of hard work


  • A great sense of humour and wit
  • Has experience working in the editorial field
  • Took linguistic studies or speaking / communication modules in school
  • A love to communicate convictions and heart
  • A love to read and write!