Guest Experience Manager

Full-Time Position (1 Year initial Contract)

As our Guest Experience Manager, you will create a welcoming environment for every guest and visitor that steps into HOGC. You are passionate to deliver the Queen Sheba experience – in every corner of Imaginarium, at our Chapel or even online! Show us that smile and let your energy shine!

You will:

  • Engage our guests and visitors on different platforms
  • Respond to guests’ needs and anticipating their unstated ones
  • Create and use systems to inspire various ministries to create a world-class experience for our guests
  • Craft emails to respond enquiries


  • 2+ years of experience in customer-service roles (e.g. hotel and restaurant roles, relationship manager, etc.)
  • Speak well. You have a good command of English and can represent our church externally
  • You know that the customer is always right
  • You are passionate about the guest experience and enjoy creating “wow” moments for others
  • An effective communicator
  • Can think on your toes
  • At your best when you are leading and working with a team


  • You are fluent in multiple languages. You can read this: 欢迎来到神之心教会!
  • You have almost photographic memory and can remember details about people