Heart of God Church
Strong Church 特會

"A big church may not be strong, but a strong church will always grow big."
- Pastor How


領導課程, 和傍晚聚會

香港 2019年 7月 24 - 26日

Conference Fee 票價

Adults: 799 HKD
Students (Ages 16-22): 449 HKD

成人:799 HKD
學生 (16-22 歲):449 HKD

Night Sessions Only 只限傍晚聚會: 400 HKD


Sessions will be in English with Cantonese Interpretation
聚會/工作坊 已英語進行 (帶有粤语翻譯)

Venue 會場

Southorn Stadium
111 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

莊士敦道111號, 灣仔, 香港


Conference Schedule

Subject to Changes 可能會有改變


Wed 24 Jul
8 - 10.30 pm: Night Session 1

Thu 25 Jul
1 - 2.30 pm: Workshop 1
3 - 6.30 pm: Leadership Session 1 & 2
8 - 10.30 pm: Night Session 2

Fri 26 Jul
1 - 2.30 pm: Workshop 2
3 - 6.30 pm: Leadership Session 3 & 4
8 - 10.30 pm: Night Session 3


晚上 8:00 至 晚上 10:30 - 傍晚聚會 1


下午 1:00 至 下午 2:30 - 工作坊 1

下午 3:00 至 下午 6:30 - 領導課程 1和2

晚上 8:00 至 晚上 10:30 - 傍晚聚會 2


下午 1:00 至 下午 2:30 - 工作坊 2

下午 3:00 至 下午 6:30 - 領導課程 3和4

晚上 8:00 至 晚上 10:30 - 傍晚聚會 3


About Our Pastors


Pastor How is a Founder & Funder, Church Builder and Businessman. He and his wife, Pastor Lia are founding Senior Pastors of Heart of God Church (HOGC). From its humble beginnings with 3 other members in 1999, HOGC is now home to thousands of young people.

Pastor How believes in building a Strong Church, not just a big church. His emphasis on leadership, systems and character is why 80% of HOGC members are serving in a ministry, and how HOGC moved into their US$50 million new home despite the financial limitations of youths. HOGC is proof of concept that youths can build a world-class church–a prototype to inspire other youth churches in the world to rise up.

Pastor How’s vision is to “Raise up a generation of people who are willing to give God the best years of their lives...” And he has lived it out personally. In his 20s, he gave up his family’s multimillion-dollar business to pioneer HOGC. 14 years later, that decision came full circle when Pastor How and Pastor Lia took over the leadership of the business. They have since built it up to become a major distributor of consumer electronics in Asia. Through the business’s profits, they were able to give their first million to church; and by God’s grace, it won’t be their last.


少豪牧师相信,我们应该建立强壮的教会,而不仅是大的教会。他强调领导力、系统和品格,这就是促使 80% 神之心会友在事工服事的原因。尽管青少年的经济能力有限,神之心教会还是成功搬进了价值五千万美元的新家。这些里程碑验证青少年可以建造世界级教会的概念 — 是激励世界上其它青少年教会兴起的典范。



Pastor Lia is a Preacher, Worship Pastor, Trainer and Builder of Generations rolled into one. A former journalist with Singapore’s main national paper, she left a promising career to found Heart of God Church together with her husband, Pastor How.

20 years later, the church has thousands of members and the average age is still 22 years old. This unique feature was birthed out of Pastor Lia’s love for the next generation when she started the youth ministry with nine kids from the children’s church. She also pioneered the worship ministry from scratch with youths trained in-house, progressing from a single guitar to five worship teams with over 170 people. Besides ministering from the pulpit as Co-Senior Pastor, Pastor Lia also loves to train and release young leaders to run the church with excellence and great attitude.

曾牧師身兼多職 - 講員、敬拜牧師、導師和累代建造者。曾牧師曾經是新加坡海峽時報的記者,她放棄了前途無量的事業,和丈夫少豪牧師一起創建了神之心教會。




2018 Strong Church Conference Highlights

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