A Single by Heart of God Worship
On Spotify’s Singapore Viral 50 Chart (February 2018) 



All the lights came on inside my heart
Your love broke through the darkest night
Shining brighter than a million suns
Your love
Like a fire burning in my soul
Everything I have for You alone
Now I give my life to follow You
Your love

Verse 1

It all started with
Your love so strong
To right my wrongs
The cross You bore for me
A new freedom
Lives within my soul
A fire in my bones
To ignite the change in me




My spirit’s come alive
My heart is on fire
This passion in my life
To shine Your light brighter

Verse 2

My faith’s soaring through
The atmosphere
I’m done with my fear
You broke the chains within
I’m running to
The rhythm of love
Living in the light
Your kingdom’s calling me


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