A Single by Heart of God Worship
#1 on Spotify’s Singapore Viral 50 Chart (December 2017) 


Verse 1

I can hear the sound of freedom
Like a mighty waterfall
I can feel the waves of heaven
Breaking over me


Everything in my life
My heart’s desire
To lift You higher
Touch the world
With Your fire
To bring revival


Freedom, freedom
The sound of broken chains
Lifting up Your Name
That's freedom, freedom
Pardon all the noise
It's the sound of revival

Verse 2

Oh my heart cannot contain it
This joy is bursting through
People need to know this freedom
That only comes from You


Chorus 2

I’ve never felt so free
To do what You desire
You've set my heart on fire
So I can change the world for Jesus


It’s all about You, You, You
It’s not about me
It’s all about what You want
And I’m living for your Name
The Cross I will proclaim


Now I'm free to laugh
Free to love
Free to live
For Jesus


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