Raise up a generation of people who will give God the Best Years of their lives, and God will use this generation to impact all levels of society and all walks of life.

Core Values

Heart of God Church (HOGC) Core Values

Our Story

The story of Heart of God Church is the journey of a dream. It began when Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How) and Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia) felt a tugging in their hearts to give God the best years of their lives. Against all odds, Pastor How gave up his father's multimillion-dollar business, while Pastor Lia left a promising career in journalism. With humble beginnings, Heart of God Church was started in 1999.

Our Pastors' idealism, clear and practical messages, and their love for God and others soon caught on. As the church grew, Pastor Lia noticed a group of youths who were growing bored with children's church. Hence, she started the youth ministry and the youth worship team. Pastor How also launched the Academic Excellence programme, teaching the youths that they could do good and do well in family, school and in church at the same time.

Nearly two decades years later, our belief in youths has borne fruit. Our youths have grown up and are in turn giving God their best years, while our first generation adults and third generation children are growing from strength to strength.

Our story is a testament that young people can do great things and with God all things are possible. The future is going to be amazing.