About Heart of God Church

In Heart of God Church (HOGC), we believe that Christianity is simple: Love God. Love Others. Love Life.

We are an idealistic bunch of people who were changed by the love of God and now want to make a difference in our world.

Heart of God Church was founded in 1999 by Senior Pastors Tan Seow How and Cecilia Chan. 20 years on, we are still passionate about helping people live with significance through a loving relationship with God.

 Wherever you are in life, we welcome you into our hearts and our home.

Our Vision

Raise up a generation of people who will give God the best years of their lives, and God will use this generation to impact all levels of society and all walks of life.




Meet the team of pastors at Heart of God Church

Around & About HOGC

If You’re A Parent

We believe in partnering with parents to ensure the holistic development of their children. If your child is in our church, we encourage you to view our youth policies and guidelines.


Quick Facts

1. We are an independent, non-denominational church, and a member of the National Council of Churches of Singapore.

2. We are part of the Registrar of Charities and the Registrar of Societies. We are governed by the Charities Act and are accountable to the Commissioner of Charities.

3. We are led by an elected Board of Directors, a Council of Pastors and an Executive Leadership Team.