A Single by Heart of God Worship
On Spotify’s Singapore Viral 50 Chart (March/April 2018) 


I plant my feet upon your solid ground
My faith can never shake
When I depend
On the power of Your name

I send my heart into Your hands again
You knew my confidence
Grows over shame
That's the power of Your name


Through all of the trials I've faced
I've been led by Your grace
Victory is Your name



Through the fires and
Through the floods
I give all to You
I give all to You

When I'm weak
You will say I'm strong
I give all to You
I give all to You


I'll walk through the fire
And not be burned
I’ll stand in the war
And not be turned (no, no)
I run to You

No matter what the world can bring
I am victorious in Him
My King
Always my King


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